Tyrenne "Ren" Takeda
20-year old artist residing in Berkeley, CA


Please contact for availability!

Icon: $35 USD

Halfbody: $60 USD

Fullbody: $100 USD

Custom Design: Base price $100, increases with complexity (ask for a quote!)

Extra Character: + Base Price
Complex Design: +$10

My Terms of Service

If you would like to read a Google Docs version of these terms, click here.

I take full responsibility for all actions under the handles "Tyrennosaurus" and "Tyrennosaur" ONLY. Any artwork of mine posted under any other handle is not under my jurisdiction.

By commissioning me you agree to all of these terms listed. You also agree to any future changes in the terms that I may make with or without notifying current and previous clients.

I am a mentally-ill and physically-disabled student and artist. I greatly appreciate your patience as it is often hard for me to work most days. I do not have a set schedule.

As my customer, I urge you to follow any requests I may ask for in order to facilitate my services. This includes, but is not limited to: requesting reference images, specifying details about your order, paying as soon as I authorize you to, and responding to works-in-progress or finished products.

Unless special permission is granted, 100% payment should be made as soon as your order is finalized. I will most likely do this through a Paypal.me link, but I am open to using Venmo or Cash App. Transactions done with me through Paypal must be listed as "goods and services," and (unless there is a physical item being delivered) a delivery address is not needed.

Your commission will generally start with a sketch that requires your approval before lineart and coloring. Revisions are allowed at the sketching stage for free, but any revisions requested during lining and coloring will incur a $5 fee per revision. Due to being a full-time student, completion will happen between a few days to four months.

My queue is not finished in order of time paid. This is just due to maximizing my total efficiency at finishing commissions. For instance, If you have ordered a fullbody from me and someone orders a headshot a day after, I am likely to finish the headshot first.

Refunds are generally not given unless 4 months have passed since ordering a commission from me. There are rare exceptions for earlier refunds, but only if the reason comes from my end of the transaction.

I may use commissioned work in promotions and advertisements. Please inform me beforehand if you would prefer for me not to use your commission publicly.

For adoptables or other designs of my creation that you purchase, you may do whatever you please with the design. I don't mind you selling it for more than what you bought it for, but just be respectful of my work in however way you see fit.

I HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE. If you as a client are deemed personally unpleasant or if you break these terms, no service nor transaction will be performed.

Contact me!

Interested in commissioning me? Have more questions?
I am more active on social media websites but I'm more than willing to take email contacts.
Please send all queries and related things to [email protected]! Or DM / PM me at any of my accounts below...